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  1. Intelligibility; clarity of expression
  2. Brightness; luminosity

We apply our curiosity to discover, clarify and illuminate the hidden structures and inner workings of leaders and the organizations they build and guide.

We focus on businesses, schools and nonprofits because they are the way that humans organize themselves to make really good things happen in the world.

We bring a rich variety of methods collected and refined over many years to the questions leaders face.

Leadership Mentoring and Coaching

 Engage with your opportunities afresh

Turn your current opportunities into the clarity, capability and energy to create what you really want.

  • Independence Day – One-day 1:1 intensives with curriculum and coaching to address your most pressing business, team, or personal opportunities
  • 90-day coaching – 3 one-hour 1:1 coaching calls per month for 3 months
  • Retreats – Friday, Saturday, Sunday intensives with a cohort of curious, compassionate peers

We see coaching as an impartial relationship focused on the acquisition of skills around a specific activity while mentoring implies a more personally connected approach to holistic development of capacities and talents.  As you can imagine, we are happy to coach, but love to mentor.

Leadership Development Training

One-day on or offsite trainings for your new or experienced managers to improve:

  • Engagement – by bringing themselves more authentically into 1:1 and group communications
  • Creative Leadership – by nurturing their own and others’ creative forces and skills
  • Leading by Example – Self-leadership with clarity, focus and humanity as a path toward earning the right to lead others


  • Clarify ambiguity with research & analysis
  • Develop and deliver thought leadership with content creation
  • Boost capacity and momentum with project leadership, tool and process building

We work on a retainer or project basis. We look forward to setting a time to discuss your needs.

Wisdom Jigs

We create Wisdom Jigs to help leaders learn to apply classical wisdom to today’s opportunities in a clear, elegant, repeatable process.

Wisdom Jigs make insights useful with calendar-ready next steps you can use to quickly transform your experience and results.

Try a Wisdom Jig

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Why We Do This Work

We do this work because we have great compassion for leaders; we’ve been there ourselves.

We know those feelings of excitement and uncertainty, clarity and ambiguity that surround leaders who are growing.

We’ve been that leader needing just a bit more capacity, a few more skills and a bit deeper insight to seize the opportunities within view but just beyond reach.

We do this work because we love:


  • Supporting what’s emerging in leaders as they grow
  • The thrill of research and the moment of insight
  • Big, ambiguous questions – to us they are the start of a great adventure
  • Discovering the first principles, edge cases and fresh mental models that yield valuable insights
  • Building elegant,  powerful action plans and tools
  • Donating ten percent of our time to pro bono work for our community

We love working work clients who value:

  • Alignment and integrity
  • Clear thinking and communication
  • Compassionate, high-performance leadership

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