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Sean Sloan

Sean Sloan

Hi, it’s Sean Sloan.  I have some exciting news:

Open Interactive is now Sloan Value Partners and we’re excited to offer many new services.

You may have noticed that my main email address has changed to If not please update your records for me. This is part of a larger set of changes in which I have begun working directly with my brother Stephen to combine my web development and online marketing skills with his business consulting, sales management and CRM system experience. Clients are finding that the combined company offers a complete and compelling set of services.

Some immediate changes that might effect you include upgrading our server and email handling.

The What:

Managed WordPress Hosting

We now offer the very best Managed WordPress hosting on the market. This is, quite honestly, the fastest, most secure and most modern WordPress hosting available. We’ve made the effort to continue to offer our customers only the very best service and this hosting platform fits the bill.

Class | Price | Bandwidth | Disc Space
Business – $300/year | 600GB | 30GB
Standard – $199/year | 200GB | 20GB
Basic – $144/year | 100GB | 10GB

  • Page caching & SSL included
  • Migrations free
  • WordPress, Theme and Plugin updates are included in these hosting packages

Have questions, need more Bandwidth or Disk Space or special support? 
Call us at (949) 722-6119 and we’ll get it handled.

Email Migration

We know that your email is mission critical to your business. In an effort to improve and professionalize the handling of email we are partnering with Zephyr Networks to handle email services for all our customers. The Internet ecosystem is constantly evolving. So in an effort to follow “best practices”  email and web hosting will be separated into individual services, each with their own tools and support.

Each of the options below allow you to keep your branded, domain-based email addresses.

Here are the options:


  • $6.95 per month, 15 GB storage for up to 5 addresses
  • $8.95 per month, 20 GB storage for up to 10 addresses
  • $6.95 per month for 15 GB extra storage

Google Suite:

  • Basic – $5.00 per user/month, includes all G-Suite Apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc.) and 30 GB storage;
  • Business – $10.00 per user/month, enhanced Google Suite, unlimited storage, Team Drive file storage and collaboration, Google Meet video/phone conferencing

Office 365:

  • Exchange Online Plan 1 – $4.00 per user/month, 50 GB per user, email only!
  • Exchange Online Plan 2 – $8.00 per user/month, unlimited storage, hosted voicemail, dataloss prevention
  • Business Essentials – $5.00 per user/month, *Office applications not included
  • Business Premium – $12.50 per user/month,  all the features of Exchange Online Plan 1 plus fully installed Office suite, 1 TB storage and sharing, video conferencing and more

Questions about Email migration, service plans or support?
Call Zephyr Networks at 800-884-7559

The When

We have already been starting new development projects on the new Managed WordPress server. All new clients will be hosted there from the get go. Existing clients will be migrated over in the coming month(s). You will be receiving a series of emails that explain this process.

The Why

  • Improved site speed (read about the importance of this)
  • Improved security
  • Superior management and development tools
  • Improved email reliability, security, deliver-ability and support.

We are happy to discuss the nuts and bolt of this, give us a call (949) 722-6119.