We do this work because we have great compassion for leaders; we’ve been there ourselves.

We know those feelings of excitement and uncertainty, clarity and ambiguity that surround leaders who are growing.

We’ve been that leader needing just a bit more capacity, a few more skills and a bit deeper insight to seize the opportunities within view but just beyond reach.

We do this work because we love:


  • Supporting what’s emerging in leaders as they grow
  • The thrill of research and the moment of insight
  • Big, ambiguous questions – to us they are the start of a great adventure
  • Discovering the first principles, edge cases and fresh mental models that yield valuable insights
  • Building elegant, ¬†powerful action plans and tools
  • Donating ten percent of our time to pro bono work for our community

We love working work clients who value:

  • Alignment and integrity
  • Clear thinking and communication
  • Compassionate, high-performance leadership