Lonely (Is Ineffective) At The Top

Published by Stephen on

Every leader knows that there are moments when

Leadership is like being alone in a crowd

No one but me:

  • Understands the whole picture
  • Thinks like a leader/owner – quickly, completely, holistically
  • Wants to face the the dark parts of leadership – assessing and taking  on risks, ambiguity,  and very tough choices created by the VUCA world we live in


Isolation is too expensive for leaders

Going it alone can lead to:

  • Loss of perspective and opportunities to triangulate
  • Lack of frank questioning of assumptions
  • Missing relevant facts and frameworks that might yield insights
  • Physical and spiritual costs of stress

Great leaders build great support structures around themselves

Committed leaders use:

  • Mentors
  • Thought partners
  • Accountability partners
  • Advocates for your personal long term, holistic best interest over the interests of the company, customers, staff, and vendors

Are you getting the support today you need to lead effectively tomorrow and next year?


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