2018 Predictions for Management Consulting and Leadership Development

Published by Stephen on

The good people at Talmix recently requested my thoughts on what the new year might hold in the management consulting industry. Here are my ideas based on our work with clients in 2017:

  • Leadership Development supersedes management optimization. Anyone who’s still focused on optimizing management rather than developing leaders at every level will find themselves scrambling for talent.
  • Winning organizations become innovation factories – new value adds, processes, organizational forms and norms evolve in and across every silo. The teams with the best innovation and product development strategies and practices win big.
  • Cultural transformations borne out of digital transformation and social collaboration touch all working and power relationships.
  • Bad behavior has a long tail… that bites. Giants of industry, culture, and government can deservedly fall from a single tweet on an obscure Twitter account if they are not playing by currently acceptable cultural norms. What we are seeing in the public realm today will show up in the smallest organizations.
  • Power relationships are shifting under a microscope and bright lights – leaders must improve their empathy, curiosity, consent and respect quickly… or plan their exits.

It’s an extraordinary time and, frankly the revolution is overdue.

I’m curious about how you are preparing yourself and your organization for what’s ahead.